Vision & Mission


Create a comprehensive global network of people of Indian origin to promote causes of peace and profound happiness ensuring the establishment of universal brotherhood for the benefit of India and the entire world.


  • Utilize Indians’ common kinship to promote a better and brighter future for persons of Indian origin.
  • To advocate for issues important to the Indian diaspora as a unified voice and to be potential to the government in resolving them.
  • To utilize the talents and resources of this organization to engage in non-political civic activities for the benefit of society.
  • To promote philanthropic activities in an organized, and unified manner.
  • To support governments and non-profit organizations in initiatives that benefit society.
    • Affiliate local Indian and/or Indian Ethnic organizations under the umbrella of GIC to support them and give a global reach.
  • To support work to address environmental issues.
  • To promote and preserve Indian cultural values and ethics.
  • To connect professionals, students, and entrepreneurs across the globe to build strong ties for their mutual benefit and the benefit of the organization and its members.
  • To promote education, healthcare, and innovation and recognize eminent personalities for their contributions to society for good causes.
  • To conduct conferences, share experiences through workshops, webinars/seminars, etc. for the purpose of promoting and creating awareness of various innovative affairs of the present world.
  • To transparently raise funds through subscriptions, donations, gifts, grants, etc., and utilize the funds to fulfill the missions of this organization.