The short movie ‘THE FOOTPRINTS’ touching the life of Mahatma Gandhi is being produced under the banner of the Global Indian Council to project Gandhian ethics through a beautiful story.

The GIC was organized with the ultimate goal to create a comprehensive global network of people of Indian origin to promote peace and profound happiness ensuring the establishment of a universal brotherhood for the benefit of India and the world. On the occasion of the celebration of the 75th Independence Day, GIC undertook to produce this film to shed light on and provide a better understanding of the life and mission of Gandhi. The pioneering project of the GIC is a stepping stone toward achieving some of its projected objectives. Besides English, the film is also being produced in Hindi and Malayalam.

In the short film directed by Thulasidas, a well known film director, Global Indian Council Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Jija Madhavan Hari Singh IPS a former DGP of Karnataka and GIC Global President Shri P. C. Mathew are taking important roles.

Writer and novelist Professor K. P. Mathew’s story is a tidal wave of changes displaying the growth of India from India’s independence to current India.

The role of Gandhiji is played by George Paul, a unique actor from Alappuzha. George Paul, who seems to be Gandhiji himself at a glance, has proved his acting ability through Gandhiji.

KPAC. Rajendran acted in Uppum Mulukum (a Malayalam serial and became the favorite actor of Malayalees) plays Rani’s grandfather Gopalan Menon, in this story. Anagha S. Nair, a Plus One student from Bangalore, plays the role of Rani. Other complete list of actors are:

Subhash Pandalam -(Madhava Menon), Dr. Jija Singh – (Kamala), Reghu Chullimanur -(Aashan) ,Aswin Rajmohan – (Little Keshu), Adhi Dev – (Kochu Madhavan), Hari – (Keshu), Akhil Pandalam – (Valyakkaran), Prasanth – (Principal), Ramesh Namboothiri – (Janmi Pramani), Soumya – (Cheeru), Praveen Kumar – (Janmiyude Gunda 1),Advocate Naveen – (Janmiyude Gunda 2), Kalyani Praveen – (Kunjulekshmi), P C Mathew – (Doctor), Renjini – (Sreejaya Teacher),Govind Gopan -(Kochu Parami).

The switch-on ceremony started with a prayer song by Prof. K.N.Indira; GIC Vice President Prof. Joy Pallattumadom presided over the meeting. The screenwriter of the film and GIC Center of Excellence (Department of Literature) Chairman, Prof. K.P. Mathew welcomed the gathering. Prof. Matthew highlighted the film’s importance in the increasing influence of evil forces on students and youth. He reminded us that this film, which unveils Gandhi’s messages that influenced world leaders, the paths taken by India, and the achievements we have achieved, is a gift to the nation at this time of celebrating the 75th anniversary of India’s independence. GIC Global Vice President Prof. Joy Pallatumadom congratulated the organization with pride for taking up this task within a month of its formation.

The lighting ceremony of the film was performed by Mr. Babu Rajan, founding member of Global Indian Council, Pravasi Bharatiya Samman awardee, and well-known businessman of Bahrain, at Ilaman Mana in Tiruvalla Kavumbhagon area. Global Indian Council Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Jija Madhavan Hari Singh I P S, Global Indian Council Vice President Prof. Joy Pallatumadom, and others participated and graced the program.

Director Thulasidas informed that about seventeen Sri Shankara Vidyapeeth High School students acted in the short film.

Mahatma Gandhi was an enigmatic personality who got the world’s attention by single-handedly giving leadership through non-violent means to overthrow the mighty British Empire and attain freedom for his country. Rightfully called ‘ The Father of the Nation,’ the Gandhi phenomenon has admirers worldwide. His life proclaimed his message, and even today, various facets of his life remain more relevant, more than ever.

The film unravels through the eyes of Rani, a young Indian student living in Texas, USA. Struggling to overcome the trauma of a school shooting incident in which she was almost a victim, she returns to India, the land of her birth, to find healing for her troubled mind. Her grandfather had built a school under the instruction of Mahatma Gandhi. He had been an ardent follower and disciple of the Mahatma. His autobiography provided rare insights into the life of Gandhi, and she decided to enroll as a student in this very school to enlighten herself with a better understanding of her country and Gandhi. Her grandfather’s autobiography spun back the time capsule to reveal an actual life perspective of the historical times that Gandhi had passed through. Her school experiences and projects like ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ furthered her knowledge of India and the Mahatma. She became aware of her country’s obstacles and spectacular achievements within a short period. A new admiration filled her soul, and she began understanding the real India. The real meaning of Mahatma’s messages slowly dawned upon her. The intensity of emotions she experienced in discovering a new India amplified her understanding of Gandhiji. His messages filled in the missing slots of the jigsaw puzzle she had been trying to find. Rani had become the new symbol and landmark of hope and aspiration that Mahatma Gandhi had once longed for the youth of India to become. This short movie tries to depict the message of hope that Gandhiji had envisioned.

GIC Center of Excellence (Literature) Co-Chairman Prof. Abraham Varughese expressed vote of thanks. The actors and technicians shared the excitement of entering the hectic shooting days.

Along with the switch-on of the film shoot, GIC Brand Ambassador and Former Kerala DGP Dr. Jacob Punnoose, GIC Global Secretary Sudhir Nambiar, Treasurer Tara Shajan, Associate Treasurer Tom George Koleth, Associate Secretary Advocate Yamini Rajesh, Public Relations Chair Advocate Seema Balakrishnan, Business Center of Excellence Chairman Dr. J.Raj Mohan Pillai, and Global Chair for Compliance/Bylaws Adv. Susan Mathew etc. extended their greetings.