Global Indian Council (GIC) Proudly Recognized the Award Winners of

Kerala: The courtyard of the ancient Ilaman Mana at Tiruvalla, Kerala where Mahatma Gandhi’s blessed feet touched decades ago, witnessed another historical event having a grand function with many distinguished guests, celebrities, and social activists was organized by Global Indian Council (GIC) on December 19, 2022, commencing with the screening of the GIC short film ‘ Pairom Ke Nishan’ (The Footprints) and honoured the award winners of the short film.
This film was produced to impart Mahatma’s ever-relevant principles to the younger generations and it won six national awards from the Mumbai International Film Festival for Non-Feature Films. On behalf of GIC, the Producer of the film, Mr. Babu Rajan a well-known businessman from Bahrain who is also one of the brand ambassadors of GIC received the Award for Best Non-feature Film. Mr. Thulasidas (Best Director), Prof. K.P. Mathew (Best Script Writer), Mr. George Paul (Best Actor), Mr. Don Paul (Best Cinematographer), and Mr. Sandeep Thulasidas (Best Music Director) also received the awards. The crew and sponsors of the facilities were also recognized with certificates and mementos.
The hybrid event was simultaneously held at Tiruvalla, Kerala, India, and attended globally on the Zoom platform, which was presided over by GIC Global President P C Mathew from Dallas. In his presidential address, quoting the great words of Mother Teresa, he added, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” and reiterated the visions and missions in which GIC is being constituted globally with a group of dedicated leaders who want to serve and give back to the community. GIC is a global organization of Indians serving to uplift the talents of all Indians, including pravasis from all walks of life. GIC is making meaningful contributions under its various Centers of Excellence (CoEs)
Bharathiya Janatha Party’s Kerala State President Mr. K. Surendran attended the event and was pleased with the short film. He commented that “Mahatma Gandhi was a leader who contained and experienced the real emotions of India and transmitted the same through his simple and precious life to the whole world. The message he transferred was relevant since the Independence of India and, even today it echoes in the heart of many”.
Felicitations were delivered by Fr. Dr. Abraham Mulamoothil (President, Central Travancore Chamber of commerce and Industry); Dr. Rajmohan Pillai( GIC ChairpersonCenter of Excellence and winner of Business Award for Best Businessman of the year from Govt.of Kerala); Sreekumar Menon IFS, (Former Ambassador); Sri Babu Rajan- (The Sponsor of the award won Film. Award-winning Businessman from Bahrain); Prof. A.T. Lathara (Poet, President of Akamporul, Former Chief Editor Kerala Bhushanam Daily); K.J Varghese IFS, (Special Officer Zoological Park of Kerala, Trissur); Dr. Sosamma Andrews, (GIC Chairperson, Center of Excellence -Women’s Empowerment); Santy Mathew, (Global Brand Ambassador GIC.
Various GIC Global Cabinet members felicitated the event online. Prof. Joy Pallattumadom (Vice President), Sudhir Nambiar (General Secretary), Dr. Jija Harisingh IPS (Retd DGP Karnataka & GIC Goodwill Ambassador), Dr. Tara Shajan (Treasurer), Tom George Kolath (Chairperson CoE Visual Media), Adv. Seema Balasubramanian (Australia) GIC PR, Dr. Mathew Joys (Global Media Chairman) and many others spoke Via Zoom platform and congratulated Prof K P Mathew and the associated leaders for organizing the event successfully.
A sumptuous Kerala traditional lunch was served to all the guests and participants who attended at the location.
The producer Baburajan stated that he is “Proud to be part of Global Indian Council as a brand ambassador, and a producer for the short film. We will look forward to submitting the short film to various film festivals and will also submit it to the Prime Minister since the visual story is worth promoting in India”.
Professor KP Mathew welcomed that gathering and Ramesh Ilamon delivered the vote of thanks.