GIC International Spelling Bee Competition


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Watch Live on Saturday November 18th 9 PM EST / Sunday 19th 7:30 AM IST on YouTube Live


Welcome to the Global Indian Council, Prestigious Initiative – GIC International Spelling Bee
Competition, where talented young spellers from around the world gather to showcase their
linguistic prowess and compete for the coveted title of GIC spelling champion 2023. This annual
online event celebrates the beauty and complexity of language, while promoting literacy and
fostering a spirit of healthy competition. Join us on this thrilling journey as we explore the
fascinating world of the International Spelling Bee.
1. What is the International Spelling Bee? The Online International Spelling Bee is a
prestigious competition that brings together young spellers, typically between the ages of
5 and 14, from different countries to test their spelling skills in a challenging yet
supportive environment. It serves as a platform for students to enhance their vocabulary,
develop confidence, and learn about diverse cultures through the power of language.
2. Competition Format: The competition begins at the national level, where participants
compete in local spelling bees to qualify for the national championship. Winners from
each country then move on to represent their nation at the International Spelling Bee. The
international round consists of multiple rounds, culminating in a nail-biting final
3. Spelling Bee Preparation: Participating in the GIC International Spelling Bee requires
dedication and extensive preparation. Contestants spend months honing their spelling and
vocabulary skills, studying word origins, etymology, and linguistic patterns. They also
familiarize themselves with the comprehensive word list provided by the competition
4. Word Selection and Pronunciation: The words used in the GIC International Spelling
Bee are carefully selected to challenge participants at different skill levels. The
organizers ensure a balance between common words and more obscure, complex terms.
Experienced lexicographers and language experts curate the word list, which is rigorously
checked for accuracy and authenticity. During the competition, professional pronouncers
provide accurate pronunciation guides to ensure fairness and consistency.
5. Judges and Scoring: Qualified judges with expertise in language and spelling are
appointed to evaluate participants’ performances. They carefully observe spellers during
the oral rounds, considering factors such as pronunciation, clarity, and accuracy. The
scoring system varies, but it typically awards points for correctly spelled words and may
deduct points for errors or missed opportunities. GIC Cabinet has the final say on all
matters regarding any contest related issues including selection of judge and awards.
6. Cultural Exchange and Language Learning: GIC International Spelling Bee is not
only a platform for showcasing spelling skills but also an opportunity for cultural
exchange and language learning. Participants and their families immerse themselves in
the diverse linguistic landscape, interact with peers from different countries, and forge
lasting friendships. This international experience fosters a deeper appreciation for
language and cultural diversity.
7. Benefits and Impact: Participating in the International Spelling Bee offers numerous
benefits for young spellers. It enhances their vocabulary, boosts their confidence,
sharpens their memory and cognitive abilities, and improves their public speaking skills.
Additionally, the competition promotes literacy and a love for language among students
worldwide, inspiring them to become lifelong learners and passionate readers.
8.Registration: Please click Register to enroll in the appropriate age group. The
Registration goes on until the end of August 2023 and Competition is scheduled in September / October
9. Prizes: Prizes are awarded in three categories at international level, Detail below
International winners:
First Prize – $250 (Champion), Second Prize – $200, Third Prize -$150
Age group: 5 to 8, 9 to 10 and 11 to 14 as of July 2023.
GIC The International Spelling Bee is an exceptional platform that celebrates the power and
beauty of language. It brings together talented young spellers from diverse backgrounds, offering
them an incredible opportunity to showcase their linguistic skills and compete for international
recognition. Beyond the competition, the event promotes cultural exchange, language learning,
and the development of lifelong skills. Join us on this thrilling journey of linguistic excellence
and witness the spellbinding performances of the world’s most talented young spellers at the GIC
International Spelling Bee.

Workshop – Oct 28th 9PM Central


Ansun Sujoe, 2014 Scripps Spelling Bee Co-Champion  

Sirjana Kaur, 3 times Scripps National qualifier and Quarterfinalist 

Michael Kolgani – Scripps semifinalist 2022