A significant meeting hosted by Dr Rajmohan, Chair Centre for excellence Business, kick-started GIC’s activity in India. The Global President Mr. P. C Mathew visiting Kerala and attending added credence. Dr Jija Harisingh former DGP from Bangalore, GIC Global Goodwill Ambassador participated and delivered the inaugural address.

The meeting began with a silent prayer followed by the National Anthem. Dr Mini Venu Gopal, Global Community Outreach, welcomed the gathering..

In his introductory speech, the host Dr Rajmohan Pillai, Chair Global Center of Business Excellence, stressed the importance of shared vision, ambition and continuous hard work to achieve great results. Narrating his inspiring personal experience, from riches to unimaginable liabilities and from there back to riches with a company of International reputation, he urged the audience to build GIC as a forum of formidable worldwide influence. He indicated that he would be forming a strong business team for this purpose.

In her inaugural address, Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Jija Harisingh took the theme further and stated that the potential domain of GIC is multifarious. GIC can be a dynamic platform of networking among influential diaspora, with a need to create a directory, a bridge for transferring the deep expertise & experience gathered abroad back to India, providing a sense of homeliness & safety to students, young techies & health professionals arriving in foreign shores, sharing the acts of philanthropy with well selected projects in India, vetted by the India National team, the impact of each hundred dollars being 80 times stronger because of the difference in currency value. She also stressed that the diaspora and the new Generation, born and brought up abroad are losing touch with the motherland art, language, cuisine, cultural practices and even its heritage monuments. Collecting and compiling stories on all these aspects would be helpful. She concluded by cautioning that we need to carefully choose and include a large percentage of Indians from across the country and the world, representing all regions of India.

In his Presidential address Mr. PC Mathew, Global President dwelt upon our vision and mission, the nonpartisan nature of GIC and stated that the National and State committees are being constituted. He also lauded that we have initiated a crowd funding to produce a 30 minute movie on Gandhi & the 75 years of our freedom. He congratulated Prof Mathew for his leadership on this project. He placed on record GIC’s gratitude to founding member K.G Baburaj, a leading Qatar based businessman for sponsoring the entire project.

Self introduction and action plans were presented by Members, including Ajith Nampoithiri, Harish, Sachin, Shaji Philip. Suggestions for the development of the Organization and individual support were vouched. Following discussions, decisions were taken to give representation to all regions across the country for the formation of GIC National & State Councils.

Vote of Thanks was proposed by Prof Thomas Abraham who recalled what Consul General Atlanta, Dr Swati Kulkarni had said at the launch on 30 July that GIC can play a major role in the new effervescence of brand India. All members have to take individual and collective responsibility to help GIC grow with balance and effectiveness. The efforts of the host Dr Rajmohan in meticulously organizing the meeting at the heritage venue, the Trivandrum Tennis Club, the displays of welcome, greetings & toast with cashew wine from his own winery, the mugs with logo, business pads and carefully curated dinner menu were appreciated. The meeting concluded with thanks to the Chair and a new euphoria and determination to make GIC a strong, useful and nonpartisan organization.